Psychedelic GIFs by Bill Tavis

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A couple of years ago this talented artist painted oil on canvas and drew halftone images with ink on paper. Now Bill Tavis creates stunning illusion GIFs with programs he has coded himself. What they have in common is the halftone style in which lines of varying width are drawn to create the illusion of a tonal or color image.

Psychedelic Sunset

psychedelic sunset

Tavis likes to express himself in different directions with visual arts. ”I think the mark of a true artist is someone that can create something beautiful given any medium – whether it’s oil painting with fancy brushes, or drawing in the sand with a stick,” he said in an interview for Ask Artist.

He also made an animation for symphonist Nathan Felix, which you can see in the videp in the bottom.

Check out some of his amazing arts and animation, and follow him on links below text.





Holding On   /   Ordo Ab Chao

holding onordo ab chao


Ferris Wheel

ferris wheel


Bluebonnet From Above          /         Amongst the Greenery

bluebonnet from aboveamongst the greenery





Blue DNA      /     Sacrament

blue dnasacrament


Farm Road

farm road


It’s just a ride

it’s just a ride


Overlap         /       The pyramid and the egg

overlapthe pyramid and the egg


Tree energy

tree energy





Some more artwork:




Runnin free

running free


Watch video:





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